Opting for Talkspirit means adhering to a vision forged by 20 years of digital transformation with European companies, while respecting their values.

A strong focus on communication

Why are we different Talkspirit
Strong anchor communication Talkspirit

At Talkspirit, we believe that internal communication and information sharing are the keys to team effectiveness. In other words, successful collaboration only occurs if employees communicate effectively. That's why we've developed a platform that natively integrates the best of social and collaborative features.

The strength of a 100% European DNA

Designed and hosted in France (Paris and Montpellier), our solution is GDPR-by-designIt is not subject to the Cloud Act and protects your personal and professional data . Completely self-financed, independent and profitable, Talkspirit is a co-initiator of the IT50Plus initiative and is committed to using only software solutions made in Europe, when they exist.

An undisputed leader in its sector

European DNA Talkspirit
Leader collaboration Talkspirit

The Talkspirit platform is at the forefront of its market. The media(see Press page), market analyses(find out more) and evaluation sites(consult user opinions) today position it among the world leaders in its category, internationally, for team communication and collaboration.

🎯 Our reason for being 🎯

Improving collaborative work and information sharing, and making organizations more agile and efficient.

Our 3 major commitments

Since its creation, Talkspirit has been committed to its customers & users.


Talkspirit listening

Sinceour creation in 2008, our customers have been at the heart of our software's evolution. It is their suggestions and our exchanges with them that set the course for our product roadmap.


Talkspirit simplicity

On a daily basis, our developers and designers work hard to keep the platform easy to use so that all your employees can use it with ease.


Talkspirit proximity

Friendly, responsive and efficient, our support and sales teams are dedicated to providing our customers with a positive and human experience, in support of their projects.

"The support team really listens and reacts very quickly. They accompany us every step of the way."
Diana S. - PROXIAD

"We were won over by the very simple ergonomics of the tool. It's very easy to use, even for people not used to digital tools."
Christophe C. - LYON PARC AUTO

"Whether it's the pre-launch support, the simplicity of the technical integration, or the responsiveness of the support, you really feel like you're moving forward with a real partner."
Madleen T. - GIE AFER

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