Find out how Talkspirit has enabled this editorial communications agency to:

  • Reduce by 95% the number of emails exchanged internally
  • halve the response time to messages from its customers
  • strengthen its image as a digital expert by involving its clients and partners in this new way of working
  • improve the cohesion and sense of belonging of its employees

Agence Bergamote

Presentation of the client

Agence Bergamote is an editorial communications agency created in 2011 in Paris by Aurélie Laglantine, Catherine Mattéi and Anne-Marie Jelonek. It employs about twenty people.

Its mission

Being a participatory communication agency, listening to its clients, opening the field of possibilities and committing itself to a respectful world.

Initial need and context

Initial context

As in most agencies (communication agencies, advertising agencies, digital agencies) :

  • each employee works on several projects...
  • ... in interaction with several employees and sometimes also with external partners,
  • on a daily basis these stakeholders exchange files and information...
  • ... which it is essential to centralize in order to ensure permanent and sustainable accessibility

Why did you choose Talkspirit? 

2 main reasons led Bergamote to choose Talkspirit:

  • The user-friendliness of the platform, which is quick and easy to get started with.
  • Theinformation ecosystem that Talkspirit constitutes: both within itself (discussions and working groups) and with the outside world (integrations).

Terms of deployment

Following the test phase, the company made Talkspirit the single tool that allows employees to communicate with each other within the agency.

The key objective is to reduce the number of emails exchanged internally.

Benefits identified

talkspirit email volume

1. Volume of emails reduced by 95% 

No more atomized contents in the email boxes of different employees: they are now centralized in one place, in a shared document base, on talkspirit. Anyone involved in the project can now find them, at any time. Ideal when -as on any project- the interlocutors change (on the client side, or internally).

talkspirit exchange

2. Exchanges twice as reactive

Thanks to the online chat, Agence Bergamote's teams can interact in real time, at any time and from anywhere. No more difficulties in reaching so-and-so by phone and no more need to wait to meet so-and-so at the office to discuss a subject: Talkspirit's chat rooms make it possible to interact with greater flexibility and responsiveness. On computer or mobile.

agency open to its ecosystem

3. Give the image of an agency open to its ecosystem

Bergamote's consultants invite their clients as Guests on the Talkspirit project group that concerns them. In this way, clients have access to everything that is being done on their project and its progress, which strengthens the proximity with the agency's teams and gives them the feeling of being directly involved in the work being done.

proximity designer talkspirit

4. A real creator of proximity, on a daily basis

Is remote work on the rise? With Talkspirit it's easy: even from a distance, everyone can remain fully connected to the life of the agency and collaborate with their colleagues. Just like in the office. It's also optimal in terms of user-friendliness: with surveys, involving employees in internal choices is as easy as pie. Guess how the names of the meeting rooms were chosen? Finally, a group called "Random" allows all employees to share sectoral intelligence: a real collective intelligence approach!

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